Somaya Reece – Weight loss tips that work (protein shakes & eating habits)

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Somaya Reece – Weight loss tips that work (

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I’m tired of reading all of these false diets and false weight loss tips that are NOT ideal for real people. Real people have jobs, not enough time to workout, and cannot spend money on all of these phony fad diets. I lost over 21 pounds and am still losing without dieting. I started focusing on losing weight last year a little before September of 2011. It took a few months to get into a fully focused mode. When I focused I lost the weight! I didn’t gain weight because I was eating bad. When I moved to New York it became extremely difficult to work out because the lifestyle is so different here as opposed to L.A where I hike everyday. I didn’t do it with a diet or pills and I was able to keep my curves. It’s been a fun transformation for me. I had a “make under” 6 weeks ago, a breast reduction. I haven’t been able to work out, because of it I had to learn to adjust my eating to maintain the weight I have lost which is what motivated me to share my journey in these wight loss blogs.

This first blog I discuss protein shakes, bars, cooking and the unfortunate Hollywood pressure many women suffer which makes them want to get skinny or alter their bodies to fit in.

Get healthy not skinny!

I have also added a few before and after pics. I know those are always helpful.

I hope you enjoy my series of weight loss blogs. This is one of many to come 🙂